The Somerville Tool Library  needs a logo!  We have a few provisional logos, but we’d like something really cool that we can put on our sign, our website and on things like t-shirts and stickers.  

So we’re announcing the Somerville Tool Library logo contest!  The winner will receive a free one year membership in the Tool Library ( $50 value) and be credited for the logo on our website.  Also our eternal gratitude!


  1. You can submit as many logo ideas as you want but please submit each one separately.
  2. Email your image to with the subject: Logo Contest Submission [your name].  
  3. Submit your logo by March 30th.  The winning logo will be announced in April.
  4. You can submit a rough idea or concept, but  ultimately you’ll need to be able to supply us with a high quality scalable vector graphic suitable for printing and web.  
  5. Somerville Tool Library owns the winning logo at the end of the contest, though we’ll obviously credit you and you can use it in your portfolio, etc.  Please don’t use copyrighted images in the logo.
  6. The winning logo will be picked by a volunteer panel of tool library members & local artists.


  1. Here is a collection of other Tool Library logos for inspiration.  Obviously we don’t want to steal somebody else’s idea, this is just a survey of what other folks are doing.
  2. Conceptually the logo should express: tools, sharing, community, self-reliance
  3. The logo should contain the words “Somerville Tool Library”   (“established 2015” is  optional)
  4. We’re looking for something clean and evocative, that we can use on our website, mailing list and sign, but also put on stickers and a t-shirt.  You can use color, but the logo should also work as  black and white.  You can  provide a few color options of you want.